Training Programs

1. Linux Kernel Internals

2. Linux Device Drivers

3. Integrated course - Linux Internals & Linux Device Drivers

4. Embedded Linux Development

5. Linux Application Development

6. Linux Kernel Debugging

7. Linux Administration & Networking Services


Personally trained over 8,500 engineers from :

Accenture, Adaptec, Analog Devices, BEL, Broadcom, Cisco, Conexant, Cypress Semiconductors, Dell, EMC, Freescale, Harman, HCL, HP, Infineon, Intel, LG, L&T Infotech, NDS, Nokia, Novell, Qualcomm, RSA, Sasken, Schneider Electric, Sun Microsystems, TI, Unisys, VMWare, Wipro.

Global trainer for HPE and INTEL.

Travelled to over 20 countries world-wide and delivered training in Ghana, Jordan, Malaysia, Canada, ...

Feedback over the ages :

( Stopped updating this page from 2011 onwards ! )

From the program "Linux Kernel Debugging", Dec 13-15, 2010 at HP

"Excellent course coverage. Fully satisfied" - Joyabrata Ghosh

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Srinivasarao, M. Arun Kumar, Sushil Kumar

From the program "Linux Internals and Device Drivers", Nov 29-dec 3, 2010 at HP

"Please find attached great feedback from learners for your successful deliveries for Linux Kernel, in India" - Cecile Egasse-Montagnat (HP France) vide e-mail recd on Dec 20th, 2010

"I do not have any suggestions on improving the course since I am quite happy with the way the course was delivered. Thank you" - Skanda Muthaiah

"Thank you - Very informative session" - Vandana, B.N

"Served my purpose of attending the program" - Prashanth T. K

"Overall impression - EXCELLENT" - Ronald H Monthero

From the program "Linux Application Programming", Nov 22-26, 2010 at HP

"Great feedback for the trainer, who has been rated "EXCELLENT..." - Cecile Egasse-Montagnat ( HP France )( vide e-mail recd on Dec 20, 2010 )

"Method of presentation is excellent. Patience with which doubts are clarified is really great." - Sirish Masur Mohan

"Very well executed. RK has converted a dry subject into a very interesting and fun-filled training course, along with being very very informative. The depth given to doubts and explanations was very good. Very strong domain knowledge" - Sophia Dhas

"Training was amazing. The way the trainer presented the topics, the depth of trainers knowledgeand trainers attitude was really worth appreciating. Keep up the good way of teaching." - Yatheesh Shetty, B

"It was a very good course, neatly explained, with lots of analogy. Suggestions for improvement ? - NIL !!" - Shweta Holla

"After a long time in Unix domain, I got very good and indepth knowledge on Unix like operating system. RK's knowledge of linux is very good." Ramana Gouda

"We could understand all the topics taught very clearly." - Sharmila Ravichandran

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Nov 15-19, 2010 at HP

"The trainer is a real guru in linux field whom I have never met before. His great in-depth knowledge and explanations makes me possible to look into the deep side of linux. Thanks for his excellent teaching. Hopefully, this is something which should be opened for HP Korea Linux Engineers" - Sangheon Yang

"Very good interaction with real good examples" - Anil Lal P.K

"Excellent training experience. Brought in lot of knowledge and concepts. Practical oriented approach was very useful. BRAVO !" - Sajeesh Syam, A

"The training was interesting and gave more knowledge about linux internals. From this training, I can apply my learning to my day-to-day activities. Thanks to RK" - R Balasubramaniam

"I felt like learning, after a really long time, thanks to RK" - K.A.Sobin

"Perfect in all senses. Gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and motivation." - Ratish, M

"Excellent training. The best I have attended in HP" - L. Siva Ram Brahmanna

"Very good. RK nicely explained all the concepts. Course material is very useful. Training course very well planned. Best training ever attended" - Chhaya Zade

"Training good. Keep up the good work" - Venkatesam Krishnamurthi

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Nov 8-12, 2010 at EMC

"The training was excellent. Trainer was very friendly and professional." - Rajendra Muniraju

"Impressed with the knowledge and level of understanding of the trainer" - Madhu Tarikere

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Oct 18-22, 2010 at HP

"Training was very good, particularly the example code and practical examples." - Abhijit Vamanarao

"Excellent" - Prakash Angadi

"Fantastic delivery of content. Code examples were really helpful. Good method of teaching than slideware. " - R. Shankar

"The trainer has vast experience and training was very good. There is too much information given in too less time. Sometimes gets difficult to catch up with the pace, although this could be only my problem." - Mohit Khatri

"Excellent course and was a refresher of all basics too. Thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days." Kannan Kandappan

"Overall training was very good and informative" - Shwetha C Ravoor

"Excellent training. Very good presentation, voice modulation etc. I personally found the training to be very useful". Anil Kumar Ramachandran

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Sep 20-24, 2010 at Dell

"Very valuable training. Great presentation". - Soorej, P

"Very good training. Huge knowledgebase" - Rajesh Sen

"Course helped me in understanding overall design of the kernel with hands-on experience. " - Nalin Singh

"Overall course was really good" - Mohan Murali, G

"Very good learning. Understood concepts" - Chandrashekar, R

"Very good, simple examples, that makes the listener more attracted towards programming" - Sonylal, P.V

"Good knowledge of the linux course and good presentation skills" - Prashanth Kumar

"Overall training, content and materials were too good. !" - Cecil Joseph

From the program "Linux Kernel Debugging", Sep 6-8, 2010 at HP

"I enjoyed these three days very much. Thanks RK" - Nagarajan

"Very good in-depth knowledge and explanations in a very detailed manner. Good to see the demo of kdump which I ported to x86-64 four years back when I was with IBM." - Murali Mohan Chakravarthy

"Very good training" - Chandan

From the program "Linux Applications Development", Aug 23-27, 2010 at EMC

"Very useful and concepts well explained." - Shravanthi Sudarshana

"Each and every theoretical concept being backed up by an appropriate program / practical example is a commendable one. Knowledge of the trainer due to his relevant work experience adds to the quality of the course. Kudos Mr Radhakrishnan!" - M. Ashwanth

"Very powerful training on linux" - Vinod Vijayakumar

"Training was really good" - Shankar Murugan

From the program "Fundamentals of Unix", Aug 17-19, 2010 at EMC

"A great learning experience" - Kamna Sinha

"It was really good where I gained a lot of fundamental and scripting related concepts in Unix and Linux" - Sanjay Pandey

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Jul 26-30, 2010 at HP

"It was a very good set of sessions. " - Gopal Sukumar

"It was good course, and goes in a very good pace" - Mohammed Saleem

"Overall course is very good. 5-days time is not enough, and must be extended for more days" - Sateesh Kumar Gunjalli

"Overall course was good and trainer gave good hands-on examples and clarified all the doubts." - Rajesh, S

"Very broad coverage. Examples were really good." - Rupesh Shantamurthy

"Little fast sometimes and difficult to catch up, but very good course and very informative" - Deepthi VSN

"Very good course. Must for anybody interested in internals of O.S and device drivers" - Abhijit K Rao

"Training programme is very good. Many things to take away" - Hari Sahaya Tiwari

From the program "Linux Administration & Networking Services", Jul 19-23, 2010 at EMC

"The training was really good. I am looking forward for more trainings from the same trainer." - Haribabu Durgaprasath

"Very good" - Sunil Damaraju

"Excellent" - Harsha Vardhan

"Excellent !! The trainer is a geek ! The way he takes day-to-day scenarios to explain concepts is commendable. Thank you RK" - S.M. Raghavendra

"The training proved to be very much helpful in enhancing my knowledge on Linux Administration & Networking." - Faisal Omer Khan

From Radhakrishnan - "April and May 2010 was spent fully in teaching fifteen freshers embedded hardware and software programming for Accenture. This was an amazing experience since I had never taught freshers before ! I conducted 6 weeks of training and 2 weeks on a live project. The course started with 'C' programming, assembly, unix system calls, IPC, multithreaded-programming, kernel programming, device drivers, kernel debugging and finally embedded linux on ARM. It was an amazing experience to teach the same group non-stop for 8 weeks ! At the end, the students ( remember FRESHERS ! ) demonstrated amazing capability - One group developed a program that drove a stepper motor thru a controller connected to the GPIO pins of the ARM board, and accepting commands thru a Bluetooth device from another PC which issued the commands to spin, rotate clockwise, anticlockwise and many more. Another group developed a kernel mode driver for a USB GPIO device by using the USB snooper module and reverse engineering the calls from user space. A third group developed drivers for smart card readers and remote sensing applications. I was amazed since they had no prior exposure to programming in general and linux in particular. Some of these exceptionally smart youngsters continue to call me and stretch me even 8 months after the training !!".

From the program "Embedded Linux on ARM", Mar 8-12, 2010 at HP

"Better than any tech training so far attended !" - Dilip Rathnakar

"Topics were covered by taking very simple examples which really helped in understanding concepts. Trainer's approach was refreshing" - Christ Lal Toppo

"It was an excellent training. Content was good" - Bose Vemuri

"I liked the way of presentation and demonstration. Trainer possesses excellent knowledge which helped us knowing and learning many things" - Mangesh D Bhor

"It was very good. More important was each participant was given a board and alloweed to work on it." - Chitra Manjunath Shetty

From the program "Embedded Linux on ARM", Feb 22-26, 2010 at HP

"The training is very good. Trainer has very good knowledge in the domain" - Bhaskar Prakash Singh

"A good training - I learnt a lot about device drivers and linux system calls" - Devi Vellingiri

"Course was good. Thank you !" - Manoj Kumar Yedada

From the program "Linux Internals & Device Drivers", Feb 15-19, 2010 at EMC

"The course and trainer was very good. It was interesting and informative" - Chitra Dey Sarkar

"Very helpful" - Saumya Ranjan Sahu

"Very good" - Gudipudi Krishna Mohan

"In the provided time, you explained each and every chapter in detail." - T. Guru Prashanth

From the program "Embedded Linux on ARM", Jan 18-22 - 2010 at HP

"The overall training program was very good" - Geeta Sharma

"Really worth to attend. " - Raviprasad, B

"Training was informative" - Sudhir Kumar

"This is one of the best training that I have attended on Linux Device Driver development" - Shivanand Hanagodimath

"Concepts were very clearly explained" - Sheshadri Rangaraju

"It was a good linux learning experience from RK. I have learnt so many things which I was not aware of, and this course definitely helps me to apply the learning in my future work. Overall the course content was impressive." - Pradeep Kumar C

From the program "Embedded Linux on ARM", Jan 7,8,11,12,13 - 2010 at HP

"The training was very good. Had an opportunity to clarify lot of doubts that I had earlier" - Ganesh Kiran

"Excellent, and I recommend training from RK" - Venu Prasad, G

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Imran Faisal

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Syed Salahuddin Amjad

"Got to know technically what happens during the boot-up process in embedded systems, and good understanding of device drivers" - Siva

"Very useful" - Iniavan Rajapandi

From the Linux Advanced I / O Subsystem, Nov 25-27, Dec 2-4, 2009 at EMC

"Very good training. Trainer is having very good knowledge of kernel. Best training till now I have seen at EMC"– Rahul Katariya

"Very good training"– Gopalakrishna N M

"Overall, very good training"– Praveen Kumar Hulakund

"Impressed by the knowledge and presentation skills of the trainer. RK is the best Linux trainer in Bangalore"– Kumar Swamy H.N

From the Linux Internals & Device Drivers program, Nov 9-11, 16,17 - 2009 at Intel

"Excellent ! Although I didn't have prior experience on Kernel & Device Drivers, this session gave me a wonderful insight ! The trainer has a unique style of teaching advanced technology but still keeping it simple"– Balasubramaniam, A.L

"Overall, great course. Trainer is a bundle of knowledge"– Vidya Srinivas

"Sharing experiences and linking with realtime scenarios make the course interesting"– Eshwar, N.P

"Very nice course in all. Simplicity in explanation of concepts is too good !"– Sailaja Parthasarathy

"Excellent training, very useful and relevant to understand the key concepts. Hands-on coding sessions were fantastic as well."– Ranjan Dutta

From the Linux Internals & Device Drivers program,Sep 22 to 25, 2009 at EMC

"Mr Radhakrishnan is excellent. The course was interesting and gave excellent knowledge of the subject"– Joseph Fernandes

"Excellent tutor. Knows stuff well."– Sanal Pillai

"Excellent. One of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever come across. Rare to see someone with so much of experience in the teaching field."– Pradeep, G

"Very good quality of training. Subject was excellently presented right from basics. Good hands-on exercises"– Sridhar Seshasayee.

"One of the best training I have attended. Nice presentation with examples easily understood."– Praveen Morab

"Great training. Have already recommended to my colleagues !"– Suma

"RK has a profound knowledge of Linux Device Driver programming. The way RK taught was amazing. I am a Windows Guy but by RK's teaching, I have gained Linux knowledge"– Sheshgiri, I

From the Linux Administration & Networking program, Aug 31 to Sep 4, 2009 at EMC

"The training was very useful"– Ashwini, K

"Good training. Excellent way of teaching"– Lakshmi Kameswari

"Its a pleasure to get trained by such a genius !"– Masud Shaikh

"Extremely helpful training."– Ashish Kumar

From the Open Calendar Program on Linux Internals and Device Drivers – June 29 to July 3, 2009

"One of the best training I have ever had. Really helped a lot to gain knowledge of linux internals. Trainer is very interactive and has indepth knowledge of what he explains"– Venkatesh, K.S ( from Motorola )

"Overall good training"– Mohammed Mubeen J from HP

"Excellent explanation of kernel internal details"– Paniraj from HP

"Excellent Training"– Krishna Prasad K from Dell

"Trainer is really good"– Suma Byrappa from HP

"Very good training"– Harikrishna A R from Dell

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers – June 15 to 19, 2009, at HP

"Training program was really helpful"– Chitra

"I suggest RK to write books. Compilation of his examples and notes, maybe manuals. " Shiny Sebastian

"AWESOME training. In 5 days I got confidence to code anything in kernel space."– Pradeep Kumar Gupta

"Very good"– Priyanka Rajan

"Very informative training"– Kishore Kumar J.V

"Great ! Amazing explanation skills ! The analogy makes you understand any concept quickly"– Alhad D Joshi

From the program : Linux Administration and Networking Services – May 4 to 8, 2009 at EMC

"Just maintain the present standard of training ! No improvements needed !!"– Mihir Hulikal

"Overall impression – satisfied !"– Venkatara Krishna, K

"Instructor's knowledge is much appreciated. "– Santhosh Peter

"Overall this course is good. Mr RK projected all linux concepts with real life examples. "– Udhaya Kumar, D

"Trainer is very good and knowledgeable person. Overall the training was good"– Supreetha, S. Subramanya

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals and Device Drivers – April 20 to 24, 2009 at HP

"Excellent knowledge sharing. Very good delivery of complex concepts in simple examples"– Deepu Abraham K

"Training session was good. It improved my knowledge of unix internals"– Krishna Rao

"The training was exceptionally good with immense interaction"– Jincy Joseph

"The program was very informative. The hands-on approach was very helpful. "– Sarvesh Sanakal

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals – January 21 to 23, 2009 at EMC

"Great knowledge. Very well explained. "– Syed Khalid

"Very good training"– Raghunanda Reddy

"Was really good. Would suggest others to attend the same"– Akash Appaiah

"Superb"– Souvik Bose

"Very useful, very good for a new comer like me to Linux"– Mudhassir Khan

From the program : Linux Device Drivers – December 15 to19, 2008 at HP

"Mr Radhakrishnan has not only given me a fantastic insight into system programming but has also inspired me to explore the fundamentals of engineering that one can relate to in everyday life."– Manohar, G

"EXCELLENT, in one word !"– Karthik

"The training was really excellent in driver development."– Anup Shankar, C

"Excellent"– V. Sanjeev Kumar

"Excellent in all respects. Especially the way topics were explained are not found in any of the books available"– Prashant Kumar

"Excellent training. Whatever doubts we had was cleared and indepth knowledge was provided "– Ashish Kumar Srivastava

From the program : Linux Device Drivers – December 1 to 5, 2008 at HP

"This course is really good. I would ask many people to attend this course"– Arun Prasaath, S

"Very interactive conceptual training with power packed concepts"– Aditya, B.S

"Training is too good"– Prasanna Kumar Krishnappa

"Such a methodical and scientific training was very useful to clear my ignorance of Operating Systems"– Kishore Kumar

From the program : Linux Device Drivers – November 17 to 19, 2008, at EMC including VMWare and RSA

"Overall impression is very good."– Kailash Chandra Pradhan

"Excellent"– Ritesh Kumar

"It was a very good experience, overall"– Ramkumar Ganapathy

"Very good introduction to kernel internals"– Prashanth, S.B

From the program : Linux Kernel Architecture October 23, 2008, at HP

"Training was good. Helped me in enhancing my knowledge"– Rekha, K

"Very good technical training. Able to give the right examples to trainees to clarify doubts. I think HP SHOULD get this type of people for training"– K. Saravana

"Very well presented. Good session. "– Shanif, T.P

"Course was excellent. Learnt a lot. Course was well presented"– Sunil Kini K

"Good training for device drivers"– Rajesh, A

From the program : Linux Kernel Architecture Sep 22 to 26, 2008, at HP

"Very good training in order to understand Linux Internals"– Smita Gaikwad

"Trainer has indepth knowledge of the subject. His rich industry experience makes the sessions very interesting"– Harshini, N.L

"I felt the training session touched MANY aspects even if not in detail. Was very INFORMATIVE ! Its motivating to see the huge scope in Linux and makes me already inclined even more towards using Linux as my routine O.S. Thanks ! "– Deepti Kharbanda

"Excellent ! Marvellous ! Fabulous ! Interesting !"– Mahesh, S

"Excellent ! The trainer has crystal clear concept and it really helped us to understand linux very clearly"– Samarjit Adhikari

"It was an Excellent Training! "– Rajneesh Tiwari

From the program : Linux Kernel Architecture Sep 15 to 19, 2008, at HP

"Very good training, very in-depth and demonstrated concepts thru code and thru hardware interfaces"– Niraj Nakrani

"Good training, kept me engrossed all day"– Rishi Singhal

"Really liked the examples demonstrated thru real devices; Liked analogies drawn to make concepts clearer"– Abu Sarkar

From the program : Linux Device Drivers, August 11 to 13, 2008, at EMC ( including participants from VMWare)

"One of the best courses I attended till date. Instructor is very very knowledgeable about the subject, very modest and has a very clear idea about what he talks. Thank you sir !"– Prasanna Ponnappa

"Excellent Interaction, explanations and examples. Very effective hands-on exercises. Would recommend."– Dheeraj Sangamkar

"Highest Rating in all aspects"– Ramesh Doddaiah

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals and Device Drivers, August 4 to 8, 2008, at HP

"Method of presentation is very good"– Sowmya

"Training and Trainers Knowledge is both very good."– Mandan Nani Vadekar

"The course was really excellent. Trainer has very good knowledge and communication was good. "– Smitha Shankar

"The training is excellent. The trainer inspires us. My confidence level on kernel has increased vastly"– Sakthi Kamatchinathan

"Overall, session was too good. Will recommend others to attend."– Avinash Kumar Singh

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, July 28 to 30, 2008, at EMC Data Storage ( Including participants from VMWare and RSA )

"Very good experience to learn all the concepts"– Karthik K Balaji

"It was a great course and would like to attend other courses by Mr. Radhakrishnan"– Arvind Ravindran

"First 2 days was like a revision, since I had already worked on Linux Drivers. The 3rd day was really good for me, esp Memory Management."– Guruprasad P

"The course is really good and met with my expectations"– Chandrakantha T.N

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, July 21 to 23, 2008, at Intel

"The way of presentation and knowledge of the trainer is excellent"– Srinivas Ramakrishnaiah

"Excellent Trainer"– Veluri Sridhar

"A very good and thorough session. Really helped in establishing and building strong fundamentals. Would recommend to anyone."– Vishal Bhogade

"Will recommend to others. Trainer has great knowledge about all the fundamentals and advanced topics and has nicely demonstrated them in lab sessions"– Shiva Prashant

"Very good."– Jagadeesh Ujja

"Good, useful and got to know about many things."– Subramanya Vadraju

From the program : Advanced Kernel Debugging, July 16 to 18, 2008, at HP

"I really liked the effort put in debugging a problem. I liked the fact that few things were tried out during the class"– Chandrashekara, A

"Good training course"– Mohan Parthasarathy

"Instructor has in-depth knowledge on linux and device drivers and debugging techniques. Live examples & tracing of kernel code is exceptional"– Divya Bharathi K

"Real good training. Combined with the 5-day training on internals + device drivers, this is a “must-have” for a Linux Developer "– Sibi Antony

"Very good training. Very good basic fundamentals and profound concepts cleared"– Pradeep, T.R

"Thanks for clearing some of my kernel doubts"– Samarjit Adhikari

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, July 7 to 11, 2008, at HP

"Excellent. The pace was good and helped getting concepts cleared"– Veena, K

"Would like to attend all other courses by the same Instructor !"– Ashima Vohra

"It was really a good training."– Anil, C

"The example programs enhanced my learning"– Sandeep Chandrashekar

"Overall this training program was good."– Vikas Goyal

"Very good learning experience"– Ranjani, N

"The course is fantastic. Mr. Radhakrishnan is on eof the very few professionals who has taken up training others with a lot of passion"– Simha, N.P

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, July 2 to 4, 2008, at Dell

"Good training"– E.C.Haresh

"I am a beginner, and this training was useful to clear linux concepts further. Overall, Good Training"– Ajit Patil.

"Trainer has a very good knowledge of the subject"– Jagan

"The live devices and experiments was very motivational"– Karthik, V

"Excellent. Good pointers to start working on device drivers, memory management etc."– Sai Prasad Bale

"Excellent !! Loved the training. Went away with sound concepts that I can read up on and gain indepth knowledge"– Utpal Patel

"Great value added"– Abhishek Kumar Singh

"Great Training. Got many points which is not explained properly in many books. Thanks a lot for sharing."– Harikrishnan, A.R

"Very fantastic. Had lots of tips/inputs which are hard to get from books/websites. Very well experienced trainer"– Niranjan, V

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, June 23 to 27, 2008, at HP

"Excellent training course with indepth coverage of all relevant topics. Lots of practical exposure is a huge bonus."– Dilip Simha

"The training is outstanding, especially the presentation and depth of knowledge of the trainer. Will recommend to my colleagues"– Subin Cyriac Mathew

"Overall impression is good. Very useful in understanding concepts."– Chandrashekara, A

"The instructor opened the Pandora's box of linux and guided in such a simple and elegant way that I can go to any nook and corner of Linux now independently"– Abhik Das

"The training was very useful. "– Anjali Kanak

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, May 19 to 23, 2008

"Really good program. Background explanations about particular topics were very helpful"– Anshu Bhola

"Very good training. Excellent trainer & facilities. Recommended to others"– Vinu Varghese

"It was an excellent course"– Sandeep, P.S

"Very good training. Got many long-pending doubts cleared."– Prashanth, H.S

From the program : Linux Development for Embedded Realtime, May 14 to 16, 2008

"The session was really great. Learnt a lot which was not available even in books"– Sumana Tirumala

"Excellent"– Mohammad Samiullah

"Knowldge and confidence, presentation and ability to clear doubts was excellent."– Swami Dhyan Anurag

"Expertise of the trainer is great. Would have been better to have had a 5-day program"– M.Kishore Chaithanya

From the Open Calendar Program : Linux Internals, April 30 to May 2, 2008

"Training was EXCELLENT. "– Chaitanya Nayak (Intel)

"Very useful interactive session"– Sukhbinder Singh (Intel)

"Improved my understanding of kernel workings. You have tremendous knowledge. Very good session"– Kumar Vaibhav (Altair)

"Course gave me information which I was looking for. This knowledge will help me in my career"– Pradeep kamat (Cadence)

"Training was overall very good."– Soumya (Intel)

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, April 14-18, 2008, at HP

"Overall impression 'satisfied' – Helped me to get a coherent idea about linux internals"– Sushil Kumar

"The course was good. Got lot of quality information about kernel internals"– Om Kumar

"Good program"– Umakanth, C

"Overall, feel very happy about the quality of training and am strongly recommending this to my friends. Thanks, RK"– VKS

"The content and the training was excellent. It would have been great if it ws extended by 1 or 2 more days"– Ganesh, SP

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, March 24-28, 2008, at HP

"Very useful. Helped in understanding many concepts which was otherwise mysterious to me"– Leena Muddi

"The way you join different things to give a complete picture is simply awesome. I have learned so much from you."– Vivek Gemini

"Trainer is very well experienced and knowledgeable"– Alok Srivastava

"Excellent training. Am glad that I attended it. Definitely useful in my career. Will recommend to friends/colleagues"– Anon.

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, February 18-22, 2008, at HP

"Very useful training for anyone getting into the linux kernel. Breadth of topics covered provided good insight"– Senthil Kumar

"The analogies provided were easy to relate to and helped me to understand the difficult concepts well"– Chitkala Sethuraman

"Good training program. Maybe more than 5 days required..."– Aravinda Babu, R

"Learnt linux kernel programming in a simple way by attending this program. Very good training"– A.Baskaran

"Excellent. 40 hours seemed less time to digest all the information"– Ashish Dange

"Excellent training"– Nabeel M Mohammed

"Very appropriate to newbies"– Venkatesh, N

"Best training program I have ever attended"– Shivaraj B Malannavar

"Very good training"– Saravannan

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, January 21, 22, 28, 29 at Schneider Electric

"Very good training for people who are or will be working on linux internals"– Santosh Shenoy

"Very informative course"– Broose Oommen Varghese

"Good course. Practical session could have been a bit slower"– Ramesh


"Even though I could only attend the last two days of your training program, it was EXCELLENT"– Prajith

"The training content and way of presentation was excellent. "– Krishna Murthy, P

"Excellent technical knowledge and presentation skills. "– Prasanna, RN

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, December 10-14, 2007 at HP

"Training was good."– M.Savitha

"Technical depth in training was very good. Presentation is very good."– Anburaja Arumugam

"Excellent training I have ever attended. Very very useful for understanding linux fundamentals"– Vijay Kumar

"It was a great session on all the days. Excellent interaction with all."– T.Sandeep

"Best and useful session I have ever had since ages"– K.Praveen

"This training program was an excellent learning experience for me. I don't know if there is anything on the technical side that can be improved. I would like to recommend this to my entire team."– Patralekh Satyam

"Trainer very knowledgeable about device drivers"– Rajiv Panday

"Course material & knowledge of trainer was excellent."– Pavan, K

"Knowledge of trainer was good, very much impressed."– Sandeep, KS

"Course is good. Gave me a lot of insight and made concepts clear"– Vasundhara, G

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, November 13-16, at Intel (thru Novell)

"Training was very good and answered most of my queries."– Soujanya, P.A

"Training was very helpful and provided an in-depth view of most topics"– Murali, AJ

"Gained a lot of valuable information. Met my expectations."– Mohan Venkatesh

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, October 15-19, 2007 at Conexant

"Suggest RK should write a book. He has very good knowledge of the domain"– Kuldeep Vyas

"Good program. Gave an overall view of the big picture for embedded platforms"– Tina Mariam George

"Am very confident after this training. Suggest others too attend the same. Best training for me after Uttara"– Srinath, G.S

"Training is EXCELLENT and VERY USEFUL"– Parthasarathy, S

"Overall, training was very good"– Sumit Kumar

"Good learning experience"– Tapan Kumar Chauhan

"Very good temperament, very good in explanation, very interactive"– KLN Prasad

"Presentation is good and clarity of concepts in minute detail is note worthy. Technical aspects well detailed"– M.Narayana Murthy

"An excellent training"– Neeraj Garg

"Training is very useful"– P.Bhagwan Reddy

From the program : Linux Internals and Device Drivers, October 3,4,5,8,9 2007, at HP

"Good program"– Muthusamy Chinnathambi

"Good kernel concepts covered from a hacking perspective."– Naresh Durgam

"Overall the trainer was very good and training was useful"– Akshata Harkantra

From the program : Linux Application Development for Embedded Systems August 28-31, 2007, at HP

"Training was good"– Sudhir Kumar.

"Good training program. Helped me understand Linux O.S development"– Hemagiri Y.B

"Highest rating in all aspects"– Srinivasa Lokesh

"Many of my questions and doubts got cleared after this training "– T.Satish Babu

"The delivery of the course was good. Thank you"– Neeraj Gupta

"Am impressed by the knowledge and presentation skills"– Bikash Pattanaik

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, July 23-27, 2007 at Conexant Systems.

"Very good training. Trainer took considerable effort in sharing knowledge with the audience, and making them learn the nuances of the kernel" - Deven Balani

"Excellent trainer. " - Manohar Bandarum

"Very good understanding of linux at the end of the program" - Prafull Suryavanshi

"Training was very good." - Ravinder Gundam

"It was EXCELLENT" - Rajiv Shankar

"Training was very good. " - P.Kishore

"Very good. " - Nagesh

"Too good training program" - Bharati

"Good training " - Venkateshwar Kumbhar

"Good conceptual knowledge training + practical demonstration of the same" - Santosh Shitole

"The course was very good" - L.Suvarna Prasad

From the program : Linux Network Services & Security, July 9-12, 2007 at HP.

"Highest rating in all aspects. Excellent. Met the objectives" - Sherin Chandy

"Training is excellent." - Rahul Dastidar

"Highest rating in all aspetcs" - S.Sakthivel

"Very useful training" - Ganesh Kumar, J

"Training was very useful with good practical examples" - K. Benzamin

"Simply the best. Felt that the course and the instructor combo was way ahead of the 'Redhat Authorized Trainings' " - Vono Alex

"The course is very useful for me. From this course, I got so many advanced portions of linux. Many Many thanks !" - Ramesh, K

From the program : Linux Internals + Device Drivers, June 21-27, 2007 at HP.

"Very good and useful training. Learnt lot about linux with lot of practical examples" - Tushar Vengurlekar

"Certainly an eye-opener training program on advanced linux internals. Provided good pointers on all advanced topics. Trainer has left a lasting impression with his indepth knowledge" - S. Karthikeyan

"The best training I have ever attended so far" - Nagendra Reddy D

"The course is really helpful to understand linux kernel internals. The instructor has indepth knowledge of whatever is taught." - Sanjay Kumar

"Overall, the training was good. Misconceptions on basic concepts were cleared. Basic concepts covered really well." - Rajesh K.P

"I have learnt a lot over the course of these last 5 days. Will definitely suggest it to my friends to build a better understanding of linux" - Karan Tilak Kumar

"Excellent Training. Will recommend to my colleagues also!" - Sibi Antony

"Excellent course. Will recommend others!" - Raghavendra SB

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, June 18-20, 2007 at NDS Pay-TV Technology (P) Ltd.

"The trainer is very intelligent. Time spent on this training is very useful" - Relix, J

"Excellent insight to the linux kernel internals" - Bhanu Swaroop H.R

"Very good and in-depth. Though it requires one to do a lots of hands-on, it was still very good with good introduction of all concepts" - Sreelakshmi, HR

"Overall the training program was really very good." - Sunil Kumar

"Good learning experience" - Srivasesh

"It was a great experience" - Isha Dave

"Course was very informative & practical. A very nice training program" - Meera Murthy

"Good start to get to learn linux kernel internals" - Umesh Naidu, S

From the program : Advanced Linux Systems Administration (based on RH-133) June 11-14, 2007 at HP

"Overall, the training was very good, which improved our knowledge of Unix and Linux" - Ashok Kumar

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Prajith R Chandran

"Highest Rating. Excellent Trainer as far as knowledge is concerned" - Sherin Chandy

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Anand Shankar

"Overall, a good training, able to clear most of the queries and give confidence" - Satish Kumar Y

"Very useful to me. Interaction with each student was good. Thanks" - K. Sellamuthu

From the program : Linux Internals & Embedded Linux on ARM, February 20-23, 2007 at Texas Instruments

"This training program helped me in understanding linux kernel and also general O.S concepts" - Vivek Kumar

"Very good training" - Sudheer Hegde

"Excellent initiative for revealing internals of Linux. " - Rajesh Kurian.

"A very informative training program by a very knowledgeable instructor. Very useful" - R. Sandeep Kumar

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Vivek Ranjan

"Excellent" - Harmeet Singh

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Sadanand Sheorey.

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer and method of presentation" - Girish Gajwani

From the program : Linux Internals, February 12-14, 2007 at Qualcomm Hyderabad

"Overall, an excellent program" - Mohana Vadugiri

"This training is very good. This is my second training with you ( earlier one when I was with HP ), and it has got better with the improved devices" - Riaz Ur Rahaman

"Excellent" - Pavan

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer, and depth and detail" - Srihari Dukkipatti

"Very good presentation style" - Hastagiri Prakash, V

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Sunil Bhatt

"Highest rating in quality of training and knowledge of trainer" - Chandan Gera

From the program : Linux Internals/Drivers & Embedded Linux, January 29,31, Feb 5-7, 2007 at Intel

"On the whole, the training was good" - R. Sudarshan

"A very good insight into Unix Internals and device drivers. Key concepts were explained well with the use of good real-world examples" - Raghavandra Y.K

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer" - A Ganesh Kumar

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer and method of presentation" - Govindarajan Narasimhan

"Excellent training. Gained confidence in Linux Internals and drivers. Presentation is good." - Prashanth Kumar N

"Overall a good training on Linux Internals and driver development. Had a good overview on PCI, USB and DMA." - Krishna Rajeevalochana

From the program : Linux Internals, January 17 to 19 - 2007 at HP

"Excellent in all aspects. Would be interested also in a course by you on entrepreneurship !" - Sreenath, S

"Very Good course" - Lavanyan

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer, method of presentation" - Arun Vishwanath

"Best training I have ever attended" - Pradeep Patel

"Very very useful" - R. Sikh

From the program : Linux Internals & Networking, December 18 to 21 - 2006 at Nokia

"Highest rating for Quality of training & Knowledge of trainer" - Durvasula Prasad Rao

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer" - Balaram Amgoth

"Highest rating for knowledge of trainer" - Shyam Kumar Shrivastav

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Supraveen Kumar

From the program : POSIX threading & Linux, November 23,24 & Dec 11,12 - 2006 at HP

"Excellent training. Wonderful presentation" - Himanshu Pratap Singh

"The training was excellent and was covered in detail" - Vikas Panghal

"Training was very extensive. But it helped me in getting into depths of linux" - Honey Chawla

"It was really an excellent training program." - Jayakumar Balasubramanian

"Very useful training. Learned useful concepts." - Sharib Khan

"Very useful" - Chandrakanth P Vijaypur

"Fantastic delivery and execution of the training. Congrats. I was very impressed with the program as a whole." - Vijayabhaskar, S.

"Extremely positive about the course" - Lawrence

From the program : September 21 to 23, 2006 ( Open Calendar )

"The training was very enjoyable and useful" - Rohit Krishna Kumar ( Cypress Semiconductor )

"Very good" - Nagarajan ( Infineon )

"Very good course" - Ajay Shenoy ( Cypress Semiconductor )

"Very good" - Sampath ( Infineon)

From the program : Linux Internals, August 21 to 25, 2006 at Intel

"Very useful training due to adequate hands-on provided" - V. Natarajan

"A very good in-depth coverage of details of the linux kernel" - Karthik Prabhakar

"Excellent teaching technique and in-depth knowledge. Use of special devices for lab classes was very impressive and an excellent teaching aid. Highly recommended" - Vanita Sood

"Highest rating in all aspects" - Ram Ganesh M Shetty

"Overall impression - Good" - Dileep, P

"Very good, very useful and very hands-on. Practical experience of trainer is a big plus" - Shreekanth Patel

"Overall the course was very good. " - Raveendra, M

From the program : Linux Internals, August 16 to 18, 2006 at HP

"Best technical training I had in HP" - C.H.Madhu Mohan

"Overall good training program for people new to linux" - Praveen, G

"Good program" - Harish Bhat

"Very good" - Prasanna, S

"Very good course" - Rupak Kumar Sahu

"Highest Rating" - Thacker Deven M

"Good" - Kiran, C.K

"Highest Rating" - Bhaskar Tallanraju

From the program : Linux Applications & Internals, July 31 to August 4, 2006 at Intel

"Overall, a good training program" - Palankeswara Rao N.V

"Training was extremely good, examples too good" - T.Venkateswara Rao

"The breadth of the training was good. " - Subramony, S

"The sessions were good" - Yoginder Das, Y

"Presentation and content was very good and to the point. This helped in reinforcing and improving the linux knowledge to a great extent. Thank you" - Manoj, S

"The overall course was very good, helped me in improving and learning linux skills. " - T. Madhu

"Basics covered very well" - Neeraj Ladkani

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, July 13-15, 20, 21 - 2006 at Intel

"Trainer has a superb knowledge of the internals of the Linux kernel" - Arupjyothi Talukdar

"Good start to write drivers, interesting examples." - S. Saravanakumar

"Very good course" - Neha Trivedi

"Very interactive. Trainer is highly experienced." - Jaiber John

"Highest Rating" - Srinivasa Reddy, G

"One of the few trainings that kept me awake and alive thru-out ! Trainer's sense of humour is great, not to mention his understanding of linux kernel and great presentation technique including innovative devices for writing REAL DEVICE DRIVERS" - Ananth Prasad Nadgir

"Good contents with very well presentation" - Meshram, V. Prabhakar

"Excellent" - Manjunath Krishnappa

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, June 12 to 16, 2006 at Intel

"Very informative & educative course. Learnt a lot on Linux Kernel as well as Network Architectures" - Ananth Narayan

"Very good course for somebody wanting to learn the ropes of the linux kernel and even for advanced folks" - Raghavendra Hebbalalu

"Nice course overall. Very informative" - Vishal Sapre

"Highest rating in all aspects" - K.Mahabala Shetty

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, January 30 to Feb. 3, 2006 at HP-GIDC

"Exceeded Expectations" - Riaz Ur Rahaman

"Training is very good. Best one I ever attended. Trainer's explanations were ultimate" - Vinay, R

"Training was very very useful for me. One of the best training I got." - Arvind Khare

"Training was informative and interesting." - G. Santhi

"Best training I have ever attended at HP. " - Sai Madhav, P.U

"Very good. Looking forward to more such programs in future" - Rejith, K

From the program : Linux Internals, January 17 to 20, 2006 at HP-ISO

"Excellent Rating" - Pradeep Joshi

"Highest Rating in all areas" - Sanjay Joseph

"Highest Rating. All concepts were covered with examples & practicals & this is the best way to understand" - Manish Garg

"I got all my doubts cleared after attending this program. You removed the fear I had in my mind about the Linux kernel. Now I am confident that I can do anything within the linux kernel." - Abhinay, K.B

"The best training I have ever attended in HP" - Amit Hebsur

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, January 6 to 10, 2006 at Adaptec India

"Illustration of kernel concepts was good. Use of real modules to explain concepts is good. The trainer has got a good material (both presentation & real sample code) to introduce one to Linux Kernel Programming; even good for non-first-timers" - Nagendra Tomar

"Good program." - Prasad

"Training was very useful in inderstanding concepts which were not clear by just reading thru books like Rubini's" - Kusuma, R

"Excellent Training" - Naveen Burmi

From the program : Advanced Linux, December 12 to 16, 2005 at Axes Technologies (Tech Mahindra)

"Very good training which gives both hardware & software knowledge" - Srinivas patil

"Excellent Rating" - J.L.John

"Very Good. Highly Interactive" - Ras Higa Jameel

"An excellent training course. Overall, training was very good." - Geetha Lakha

"Training was really useful for our day-to-day work" - Rashmi Neelakari

"First ever training where I did not sleep even in the afternoons ! Hands-on training was very impressive and useful." - Deepak Malik

From the program : Advanced Linux, November 24 to 26, & Dec. 1 to 3, 2005 at EMC Data Storage

"A good training program" - Amar Varude

"Details provided in the sessions were very good. Basic doubts cleared." - K.C.Srinivas

"Good technical sessions on all days." - C.S.Sudheesh

"Very good training. Helped me understand several O.S concepts of which I was confused earlier" - Puneet Gupta

"Highest rating in all aspects... Duration should have been a little longer" - M. Saikrishna

"Instructor was good at device drivers & unix internals. Excellent." - Natraj, P.

"Course was very interactive and instructor was well versed with all the topics that were dealt with". - Ravi Shankar, M

"The training was excellent" - Santhosh Winston Tauro

From the program : Advanced Linux, November 17 to 18, 2005 at Dell

"Overall Impression - Good training program" - Antony

"Trainer Good. Has in-depth knowledge of the subjects & topics" - Praveen, V.N

"Good training program" - Shivaraj Nidoni

"Excellent rating" - Abdul Rafeeq C.K

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, November 9 to 11, 2005 at Intel

"Excellent training" - Karnan Shanmugam

"It was an excellent training that would have been even better had we more time" - Anand B Jyoti

"Good training progam" - Vasanthakumar, S.B

"Good training with lots of example programs. Kit used for training was very useful" - Prasanna Manvi

"Very good explanation of concepts of linux with very good mapping to hardware wherever needed." - Kishore Mottadi

"Good" - Kiran Kumar, S.B

"Trainer has hold on the subject and explained well. - Bhoopalgouda M.P

"Excellent presentation & teaching method with a strong knowledge and indepth research. I would recommend the course material and the trainer for any linux related training" - Raghavendra Sagar

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, Sep.26-28,October 17-18, 2005 at Freescale Semiconductors

"Learnt a lot. Teaching was very good. Overall, good learning for me." - Santoshkumar Pattar

"Training was great. Good start for people working on drivers. All-in-all a very good course, very helpful." - Aditya Shankar, M.C

"After this training, really learnt linux drivers !" - Samrat Guha Niyogi

"Nice to have had such a training... " - Rakesh S Joshi

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, October 3 to 6, 2005 at HP-GDIC

"Great Course. Got a lot of knowledge related to work. Highly impressed by Instructor, too good." - Vedavyas Raichur

"Excellent. Helped me to learn lots of Linux Internals. Now feel able to hack" - Manjunatha, H.S

"Best training I have attended. Wonderful interaction. Content apt. Learnt a lot. Thanks to trainer & HP" - Prameeth Sreesha

"This was the best training I have ever received. Thanks." - Subhojit Banerjee

"Ultimate learning experience - Very Good" - Mitul Kothari

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Device Drivers, Sep. 12 to 16, 2005 at Analog Devices, Toronto

"The team here definitely enjoyed the training as they all claimed it was a good week of training and they were glad with your level

of knowledge and helpfulness. I would like to thank you for doing this with us and hopefully there will be more opportunities

in the future." Hadjiahmad Massoud ( Manager - Toronto Development Centre, Analog )

"I was very impressed with the training. Trainer had a very good knowledge of the subject."- Reza Purtoosi

"Excellent. All material was presented in well-thought manner with a smooth flow." - Jey Arumugam

"Highest rating awarded in all aspects of the training" - Constantin Ostrovsky, Wang, Kambiz

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, August 16 to 19, 2005 at HP-GDIC

"Very good" - Amit, K.J

"Very good training. " - Vimal Kaul

"Teaching is innovative. Devices enhance learning, I really liked it" - Adarsh Praveen

"Training was too good. More practicals than theory helped us understand concepts better." - Deno Mathew.

"Very good" - Rajnish Pandey

"Excellent" - Noby Jose

"Very impressive. Lot of learning. " - S. Venkataraman

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, August 8 to 10, 2005 at INTEL

"Highly Impressed !" - Adhyas Avasthi

"Excellent - Looking for some more ..." - Naveen Kumar

"Even though I had working experience in Linux drivers, finer points with specific examples were covered well" - Sreenidhi B.G

"Hardware gadgets helps a lot. Gives practical feeling of writing real-world code" - Vijay Anand Purushothaman

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, July 25 to 29, 2005 at HP-GDIC

"Highest rating for all aspects" - Rajneesh Watsh

"Very good. Learnt a lot. Cleared a lot of doubts. " - L. Constants

"The program was very enlightening. Trainer was very responsive to questions" - Salaluddin Amjad Syed

"I am impressed with the depth you have on the topic. Also, I really like your idea of teaching with actual devices. I wish I get a chance to attend some more trainings of yours." - Niranjana Murthy

"Very useful training." - Jagadeesa H.V

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Drivers, July 12 to 14, 2005 at Infineon

"Well prepared, well presented, worth doing the entire course. Willingness & enthusiasm of trainer is remarkable. Innovative training when compared to other similar options." - Jeetendra, K

"Highest rating for 'knowledge of trainer', method of presentation', depth & detail' " - Shashi Shankar, H

"Highest rating for 'Quality of training', 'Knowledge of trainer', 'Method of presentation', " - Tison

"Easy to understand concepts with the experimenting device provided." - Meghana Rao

"Very impressive" - Purnendu Ghosh

From the program : Basic Linux & Networking, June 6 to 11, 2005 at Analog Devices

"Good course" - Irshad Ahamed

"Good, useful, and looking forward to the Advanced Linux Course" - K. Saiprasad

"Learnt lot of basics. Very good training. Presentation & handling is really impressive." - U. Kumaraswamy

"I am very impressed and learnt many linux concepts within a short span of time" - Tellapati Reddaiah Naidu

"Excellent training. Learnt many unknown things at Basic Level." - Kareem Shaik Mohiddeen.

"Interaction with trainees, explaining doubts were very nice." - M.Ramanjaneya Devi

"Training was a very good trigger point for understanding the linux kernel." - Rajesh Kumar

"Good program" - Simhadri Durgarao

"Excellent. Wish we had more time to cover more topics" - Seshu Kunapuli

"Training is very good and useful for my current ongoing project. Though I am working in linux development, I didn't know many internal concepts which were very well cleared and understood in this training. The trainer was very good. " - Hemavathi Lakkalapudi

"Very much impressed" - G.Raghuveer Reddy

"The way the explaining was done, depending upon the person, is very good. Very excellent delivery of concepts along with examples." - Venkat Vangala

"Training was really good and worth attending. " - Vijay Shikhamani

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, May 23 to 26, 2005 at HP-ISO (STSD)

"Good to be part of this training. Learnt a lot. Knowledge of instructor - excellent" - Shailesh Mittal

"Very good & Informative to starters" - Prasad, G

"Good. Concepts were explained from scratch, but with a lot of examples." - Anubhav, V.P

"Very good overview of linux. Excellent" - Prahlad.

"Good course layout, indepth treatment" - S. Singh.

"Good course" - Senthil Prakash.

"Good" - N. Selvaraj.

"Overall satisfactory. Trainer covered a good number of areas within the limited time" - Rupali Sharma.

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, April 19 to 22, 2005 at HP-ISO (STSD)

"A Very Good Course" - Srinivasa, S

"Worthwhile attending this training" - Sathish Sundaram

"Excellent Course. Although new to linux ( from a win32/Netware Background),

the pace of the training did not shock or give me nightmares !" - Gopakumar Ambat

"Very good course" - Naveen, B

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, March 21 to 24, 2005 at HP-ISO (STSD)

"Very good" - Subhendu Bandopadhyay

"Very good. Highly interactive. The instructor was able to go to any depth on the topics touched." - Manish Srivastava

"The course is a good starting point for me to dive more into Linux Kernel Programming" - Ajith Kumar B

"Simply Great" - S. Ranjith

"Good. It makes a difference to have a training of such kind" - Santosh Singh

"Far better than I expected" - Ashtaque Ahmed

"I have got to learn a lot of new things from this course. It was very good" - Sareena

"Excellent" - Vishwas Pai

"Very good" - Sasidhar Somipalli

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers, February 21 to 25, 2005 at HP-GIDC

"Overall impression - very good" - Ramesh Hegde

"The training opened up a channel for learning on Linux Kernel Internals" - Rashmi P Hegde

"The training was well organized and a very good knowledge gaining process" - Bharath, R

"One of the most effective training I have ever attended. It increased my knowledge about linux, and view it from indepth which I was quite ignorant of " - Madhusmita Sahu

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, January 17 to 20, 2005 at HP-ISO (STSD)

"Enjoyable" - R. Badrinath

"Really Nice Course" - Prashanth Tamrapareni

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, January 10 to 12, 2005 at Infineon Technologies

"Very good training. Detailed & simple explanations are very effectively conveying the concepts." - Harisha Lakkavalli

"Very good training" - Usha Rani

"Good course" - Sajeev Manikkoth

"Real life examples were good" - R. Rajiv

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals, December 14 to 17, 2004 at HP-ISO (STSD)

"Able to learn some new stuff. Helmed me a lot" - S.V.Ramanamurthy

"Good" - Sudheendra, B.S

"Good & Useful" - Rajeshwari

"I am extremely impressed with the way the training went thru. The core systems concepts are much clearer now and should help me in being a better professional" - Raghavendra, K

"I liked the remote debugging techniques. Very good learning experience. Very interactive. Useful hands-on training" - Vijai Sai

From the program : Networking under Linux , November 23 to 26, 2004 at Cypress Semiconductors

"Good course" - Dr. S.A.Hussain

"Very useful session" - Karthik, S

"It was a very good point to start from. Since the basics are clear, it would be easier to build on" - Sri Nagalakshmi

"Very good course" - Anil Vishwanath

"Excellent course. Very knowledgeable and resourceful instructor" - Ajay Shenoy

"Good useful training, Charged up to dig & find out more; Basics covered very well" - Chandrashekar Naidu

From the program : Linux debugging - A Tech Support's Perspective, October 25 to 28, 2004 at Dell Product Group

"It was very useful and interesting" - Arun, V

"Good, informative & useful" - S.Yahiya Sultana

"Very good domain knowledge" - Gajanan T Mudaliar

"Very good training. Instructor's practical knowledge helped to clear many doubts" - Nagendran, J

"This training is very useful with regard to kernel debugging, and will be mostly relevant to us as testers" - Amit Kumar

"Very Good" - Sanjay Kumar Tiwari

"Excellent training program I ever attended" - Vilas Deshpande

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers - October 4 to 8, 2004 at HP-GIDC

"Very knowledgeable" - Mohan Dwaraka

"Content of training is really good" - Sureshkumar Somanathan

"Very much useful course" - Gopinath Vellore

"Good course" - Pramod Kumar

"Nice course to attend" - Lakshya Kumar Sahu

"Nice one" - Srinath Reddy

"Course has been useful" - Amitava Chakraborty

From the program : Linux debugging - A Tech Support's Perspective, September 28 to October 1, 2004 at Dell Product Group

"Very in-depth and good course" - Charles Rose

"Provided good training on selected topics of interest" - Mutum Singh

"Very much useful course" - Gopinath Vellore

"It was a very interesting course. Learnt lots of new things, which will definitely be useful in my day-to-day job" - Prabhat Biswas

"Training was well organized and well presented" - Anoop, K

"Very impressed by the knowledge and presentation skills of the trainer" - Shrankhla Upadhyay

"Overall felt that the training was very good, gave me an in-depth knowledge of linux internals and got to know many new things and many new ways of kernel debugging" - Gautam Sameer

"It was a good training with practicals, which helped me in better understanding" - Byju Michael

From the program : Linux 2.6 Kernel and RT-Linux, August 16 to 18 - 2004 at Infineon Technologies

"Wonderful grasp of the subject... Wonderful teaching style" - Dipu Vikram

"Well prepared course" - Dakshinamurthy Velayutham

"It was really good and clarified many linux kernel concepts" - S. Kumaresan

"Tutor is very knowledgeable in his field" - Shyam Kommajosyula

"Good course. In-depth introduction to Linux. Lots of things clarified" - Pantbalekundri Kiran

From the program : Linux Kernel Internals & Device Drivers, June 14 to 18 - 2004 at HP Global Delivery

"Lots of pointers given to important concepts. Good starting point for anybody who wants to explore" - Nipun Talukdar

"Overall training very good" - Premalatha M.P

"The trainers knowledge and way of teaching is excellent" - Raghu, E.S

"Excellent presentation of enormous knowledge. Practical examples were rather impressive. Loved the detours where instructor shared experience" - Mayank Rungta

"Good hands-on provided. Very good knowledge on Device Drivers." - J, Venugopal

"Thanks. I now have some level of confidence in picking up things after this training." - Rajendra Prasad Reddy

"I felt the course was really very useful. I learnt more basics in depth" - Priya, P.M

From the program : Linux Kernel Debugging - May 6-7, 2004 at EMC Data Storage Systems

"Pretty good experience. Very good overview" - Vinod Sreedharan

"Overall, the training was very good" - Jagan, SM

"Very Good !" - Koorapati Koundanya

"Very impressive, for the kind of topics covered" - Avinash Gowda

"Overall, a very good training session" - G. Vinay Rao

"Worth attending for any linux enthusiast" - Saroj Kumar Das

"Overall impression - Very Good !" - Ajith Balakrishnan

From the programs : Linux Application Development 23-25 March, 29-31 March, 5-7 April 12-14 April 2004 at Novell

( Consolidated feedback from the Training Department at Novell ).

"Trainer was knowledgeable and was able to give additional related information. Excellent !"

"Overall organization of the program, examples and the material used is very good"

"Expert trainer. Made us practice during sessions and was very open for questions of any sort"

"Presentation skills were good. Examples were excellent"

"Trainer showed a lot of interest to answer questions, even if it took more time. He tries to satisfy all the questions asked."

"Trainer's knowledge of the subject and ability to handle questions of different levels."

"The trainer's knowledge was too good."

"The trainer had amazing knowledge of what he was talking. He was able to answer anything and everything. You name it and he's there with the answer !!"

"Novell should recruit this trainer !!"

From the program : Advanced Linux - File System, Block Drivers & USB - Feb 2-4, 2004 at Sasken Communications

"The training has really helped us understand many concepts" - Teerth Reddy

"Good training to have an insight into Linux Kernel Internals and Drivers" - Soni Trilok, R

"It clarified several doubts that I had on Linux" - G. Ramesh Gupta

"Excellent" - S. Kumaraswamy

"Overall, the course was upto our expectations. " - Iqbal AMS

From the program : Linux Administration and Development - Sep 29, 30 and Oct 1st, 2003 at LG Soft

"My objectives of attending this program were met to a large extent. Would like to recommend this course to others." - Krishna P.C

"Course helped me understand Linux and its architecture." - Lalitha

"After this course, I have a much better understanding of Linux." - K.B.Naveen

From the program : PCI, Network Drivers and Kernel Debugging - Sep 23-26, 2003 at Wipro ( Pune )

"Thanks for the course ! Tons of concepts were explained. Gave many new ideas for experimentation" - Asmita Joshi

"Just Wonderful ! Great Course ! " - Narendra Joshi

"Excellent" - Purushottam Tantarpale

"Very informative training and of very high quality" - Y.K.Raghavendra

"Trainer is very good at explaining concepts with apt examples mapping to code" - Mahindra B Pai

"Good all round and in-depth course" - Jitesh K Patil.

"Training was good. Topics were covered from basics." - Monali Katkar

"It was a great learning and the trainer was extremely knowledgeable." - Shashank Chaturvedi

"Great Course ! Very Conceptual." - Rakesh Prasad

"This course provided me with a good foundation for understanding PCI and Network Drivers." - Biren Parekh

From the program : Linux Administration - Sep 15 - 20, 2003 at Digital Globalsoft

"The program is excellent. My objectives for the program were achieved. Examples were real-ttime and I can relate to my project experiences." - C. Sreekanth

"Appreciated most the faculty's knowledge and technical strength" - S. Vishwanath

"Faculty was very efficient and explained well" - Amlesh Rai

From the program : PCI, Network Drivers and Kernel Debugging - Aug 20-22, 2003 at Wipro ( Chennai )

"One of the best training programs I have ever attended - Helped me understand the basics of many internal concepts which I was not clear of" - Srikanth Kavoori

"Illustrations and examples helped clear understanding of the programming aspects of the concepts" - P.Vinod Kumar

"The training was REALLY GOOD... Got to know about many new things" - Dipak K Neog

"Overall, a VERY GOOD TRAINING" - G. Vidyashankar

"A very good course" - N.Avinash

"Excellent" - Shiney James.

"Was very impressive !" - V.Bhama

From the program : Linux Internals & Device Drivers - Aug 8 - 13, 2003 at Digital Globalsoft

"Great Experience" - S.Vishwanath

"The trainer is VERY GOOD and has a very good knowledge of the subject" - M.Sathya

"Overall, the course was good and gave me a lot of information" - T.C.Shadakshar

"Very good course for device drivers" - K.M.Sreedhar Rao