1. Name : V. Radhakrishnan

2. Educational Qualifications :
a) Bachelor's Degree in Statistics and Mathematics,  First Class with Distinction, and a University First Rank.
b) Masters Degree in Management Studies from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai.
c) Masters Degree in Embedded Systems Design from Manipal University, with a First Class With Distinction.

3. Work Experience :
a) Rallis India Limited - 1981 to 1983, MIS Executive, Corporate Finance
b) HCL Technologies - 1983 to 1985, Software Engineer
c) Ultra Business Machines Ltd - 1985 to 1988, Systems Manager
d) Self-employed - 1988 to 1993, Consultant
e) Gulf Agency Company, UAE - 1993 to 1996, Systems Manager
f) Infosys Technologies Ltd - 1996 to 1997, Project Manager
g) Peritus Software Services Ltd - 1997 to 2000, Centre Head - India
h) GE - John F Welch Tech Centre - 2000 to 2001, Head of IT Lab, India
i) Computer Factory India Ltd - 2001 to 2003, CEO Software Division
j) ATR LABS - 2003 to present, CEO and Founder

4. Certifications :
a) Mathematics for Machine Learning, Multivariate Calculus, Coursera
b) TensorFlow in Practice Specialization, Coursera
c) Mathematics for Machine Learning, Linear Algebra, Coursera
d) Deep Learning Specialization, Coursera
e) Embedded Linux for IoT Systems, IEEE
f) Embedded Computing for IoT Systems, IEEE
g) ARM Accredited MCU Engineer, Cortex-M series
h) ARM Accredited Engineer, Cortex-A series
i)      ARM Cortex-M  Architecture and Software Development Specialization

5. Professional Affiliations :
Senior Member of IEEE

6. Skills :
a) Linux Kernel Development and Linux Device Driver Experience for around 20 years
b) Worked on many ARM boards - Cirrus Logic SBC9302, FriendlyARM mini2440, RaspberryPI,  BeagleBone, ...
c) Extremely competent in 'C' programming on linux
d) Proficient with C++ and Python
e) Domain expertise in Networking, Graphics, and Storage subsystems  ( Kernel level device-driver expertise )
f) Expertise in PCIe and USB drivers
g) Expertise in many embedded controllers - I2C, SPI, PWM, UART, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, ADC, LCD, etc...