There are two models of engagement for software development :

1. Specific project based engagement

  • This is based on analyzing the requirement specifications and quoting a fixed price for development.

  • Ideally suited for medium to large organizations who want an expert to solve a particular problem.

  • Payment is normally 10% advance and 90% on completion.

  • Willing to sign NDAs with the client.

  • Normally, such project durations would be from 1 month to 6 months.

  • Example(s) of such engagement are :

    • Wrote the PCI, Cardbus and USB Drivers for BECEEM ( which was acquired by Broadcom )

    • Wrote the USB 3.0 drivers for Cypress Semiconductors ( still available from their website )

    • Linux Kernel Hardening and driver development for Bharath Electronics Limited ( for Indian Navy )

    • Wrote parts of the PCIe driver between x86_64 to arm64 for a US client ( )

2. "Expert-Fresher" engagement model

  • The term "Expert-Fresher" comes from a novel idea - You pay the cost of a fresher ( college freshmen ) but you get to engage an expert with tremendous experience in linux kernel internals & device drivers.

  • You engage in an annual contract by paying a small amount every month ( Around USD $2,000 only ) or Indian Rs 1.50 lakhs per month ( typical salary of a fresher from a good institute ).

  • Ideally suited for small companies who cannot afford to pay for specific projects but need help.

  • Ideally suited for those customers who do not have in-house linux kernel developers with expertise.

  • Ideally suited for start-ups who need an expert for prototyping before getting additional funding !

  • Payment is normally once a month, for the previous month.

  • Normally, no initial advance payment of any kind. No hidden costs.

  • Easy to disengage any time by just simple intimation and clearing past dues ( typically 1 month fee )

  • Willing to sign NDA with the customer.

Send us an e-mail to know more about this engagement model. [ RK AT ATRLABS.COM , replacing AT with the @ sign and remove spaces before and after the @ sign ! ]

I have been working with several customers using this model for several years. The great advantage is no client will ever 'disengage' - Who wants to lose a Linux Kernel Developer with 40 years experience, who they are paying just $2,000 per month ?

Also, I'm extremely good at verbal communication, technical documentation and training ...

I also help these customers with anything they need - Interviewing freshers for in-house recruitment, developing requirement specifications, designing architecture specifications, project planning, software development, testing, packaging, and even engage in their customer interaction !

In effect, I work as their employee for all practical purposes - with even their email address in some cases !