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Course-Number: ATR-101

Course-Description: Linux System Administration

Duration of course: 3 days

Course Description:

This course is the starting point for learning all about linux administration. It assumes no previous linux background.

The course covers such important concepts like:

Target Audience:

This course will be ideal for all personnel intending to work on Linux, including programmers and developers, since they will be more fluent with developing applications on linux. The course will be essential for network administrators and system administrators coming from a different O.S background such as Windows and Unix.


This course assumes that the participants would have a basic working knowledge of computers and a rough idea of the tasks of an administrator. Previous knowledge of administering tasks under any other environment such as Windows would be helpful.






Introduction to linux

1.5 hrs

The big picture, understanding linux and its features, organization/architecture etc.

Installation & Configuration

1.5 hrs

Partitions, types of installation, package selection, configuring X etc.

Booting Sequence

1.5 hrs

Detailed analysis og booting from power-up to shell-prompt.

Basic commands

1.5 hrs

shell built-ins, basic file and directory commands, ls, cat, cp, mkdir, rmdir, echo, mount, ps, file, & many more...


Introducing vi

1.5 hrs

The vi editor - usage, tips and tricks.

Shell programming - basic

1.5 hrs

Introducing bash, the shell programming language, programming constructs, shell variables, etc.

Advanced shell programming

1.5 hrs

Integrating with awk and sed.

Advanced commands

1.5 hrs

rpm, find, grep, mkfifo, mknod, dealing with USB devices etc.


Introduction to TCP/IP

1.5 hrs

Basic IP addressing schemes, the TCP/IP protocol stack, the TCP/IP model

Configuring basic TCP/IP services under Linux

1.5 hrs

Configuring with static IP addresses, configuring a DHCP server

Automating tasks

1.5 hrs

Using crond, batching jobs etc.

Misc. Topics

1.5 hrs

Critical files - /etc/sysconfig, sysctl interface, proc fileststem interface etc.

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